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  • About Our Firm

    Divorce is often the most difficult time my clients have experienced in their lives. In fact it has been compared to a death, and in a sense it is the death of a dream two people created and shared with their families and community. I chose to practice matrimonial law because I want to assist people through this emotional and challenging period of their lives. I want to guide my clients through the divorce process as efficiently and painlessly as possible, while protecting children from the turmoil of the legal proceedings. The law firm of Warren McKenney feels that family disputes should be resolved, whenever possible, by settlement through negotiation and mediation. 

  • As a member of the Texas Bar Association, I understand the importance of maintaining a professional and caring office atmosphere. I always try to make my clients feel comfortable while they receive quality legal services. I make Family Law my priority in order to use my expertise for the benefit of those who need it most. My areas of practice include: · Divorce · Child custody disputes, including interstate custody · Alimony · Adoption · Property Division · Child Support · Domestic Violence · Wills and Probate Law · Protective orders This firm makes effective use of technology to provide excellent service at a reasonable cost. 

  • Estate Planning: Texas Law is relatively uncomplicated in areas of probate and I like to try and keep things simple for wills and probates, this helps to keep the expense at a minimum. Most clients are able to do most of the work themselves and my job is simply to facilitate the court action. At the very least a client needs a simple Will, Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney for Health Care, Directive to Physician and a Federal Statement authorizing their representatives to get medical information from the doctor or hospital.
  • Construction Law
  • Contracts
  • Elder Law:  Elder Law in Texas is a constantly changing situation, depending upon how Congress handles various changes in the law.  Today, it is relatively easy to set up an Elder Trust, protecting the assets of your loved ones for future generations.  I have assisted many families in their times of need and look forward to aiding you in your time of need.

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About Warren McKenney: After 39 years of practicing the law there are a few things that I have learned from my clients. I have learned that my ear belongs to my clients. I have learned that difficult times do not need to be made more difficult by dealing with someone who has no sympathy. My compassion for my client’s situation, for your situation is true and I am eager to help. I graduated from University of Texas Austin with my B.A. in Psychology, I then attended St. Mary's Law School where I received my J.D. I am a member of the Texas State Bar Association and was admitted in 1974.

For Our New Clients: My philosophy is pretty simple. When I need to get the job done, I get it done right and I get it done well. My clients can count on competence, quality and creative problem solving throughout the divorce process. I hope to assist both parties to come to a mutually satisfying settlement of their dispute, rather than leave such important decisions to a judge or jury. I feel litigation should be an absolute last resort, because, more often than not, it leads to increased hostility, estrangement of children, and financial ruin for both parties. If litigation is necessary, however, I will use my experience in the courtroom to represent my clients fully, fairly, and assertively. And because each case is unique, I always take the time to get to know you and your situation. 

NOTE:  Not Certified By the Board of Legal Specialization
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